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Remains Of The Day by visceral Remains Of The Day by visceral
canon 10d
full view please.

[braided hair. not real though of course.]

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Daily Deviation

Given 2006-03-12
Remains Of The Day by ~visceral There are some photos which are sent to me as suggestions ... that I just say, "WTF!?" This, perhaps, is one of them. But for some reason ... I like it! ( Suggested by DorOthY-ShoEs and Featured by cweeks )
takemyplanet Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is an amazing photograph! Looking at it fro ma smaller resolution, I mistook the braid spewing from her mouth as a snake lol.
szysz-szysz Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008
Simple=effect-inspiring work
DiscoSucz Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
featured [link]
visceral Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008   Photographer
thank you [for both!]
zixon Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Photographer
Absolutely perfect!
PsyEyes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
sick...But i like your work;);)
felia9 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008   Photographer
it don't need comments
ksklein Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2007
hi there, the pic is wonderful and i posted it on my blog. in case you don´t want that, please let me know.


visceral Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007   Photographer
Not a problem. Glad you enjoyed it so much =)
baie Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2007
great great great work!!!
ColdMonarc Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2007  Student Digital Artist
when i saw this i said "ooooh" because i thougt it was a snake LOL

But i like even if it's not a snake in her mouth
tsorett Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
I favorited this a long time ago... and never commented on it. So here...

Wow. I'm speechless. Probably because I've got something stuck in my mouth....
avf Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007
Reminds me of how in the 20s women cut their hair short to break the rules.
FirstToFallApart Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007  Hobbyist
Straight to my head, it goes.
rabatz Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007
So excellent!
wamukota Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006
This piece is really good... but I beg you to remove the white bar with all that text... I beg of you... it really ruins all of the pieces, I think (I had to add the I think here because people seem to take my opinion too seriously :D )
visceral Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2006   Photographer
i have two options, over the image itself or under the image, and i'd rather under so as not to obscure it. make it so i don't have to put it there, and i'd be happy to take it off.
wamukota Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007
This is probably an extremely stupid question, but why does it have to be there?
visceral Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2007   Photographer
Because of the amount of image theft i keep experiencing, especially in the case where where my images get passed around, or stolen from other thieves, and then no one has any idea who took it. i also have the issue where my name is misspelled all the time.
and i am aware it can be removed, but if someone wants to take it it will happen regardless, this way they at least have to put some effort into it. and if i find a version of it online where it has been removed, then i at least know they purposely did not give me credit.
wamukota Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
Ok... now im a bit smarter again :), thank you.
yoopie Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2006
ahhh! so amazing
NoRestForTheObsessed Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2006
The remains of the day is hard to chew. xD
Keezar Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2006
I love it!
JAURE Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2006
:O :O :O
MargaretSeidler Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
O.O! i love it!!!!!! favs :P
iamconnectingflight Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2006  Student
Woah.... Very creepy indeed. Really nice use of focus.
Ollapus Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2006
Wow, very freaky and yet beautiful. The colors and the blurry girl makes the picture very interesting. The concept is also amazing.
indie-danielle Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
i love the classic weirdness about this photo.

senses-heal Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2006   Photographer
well, original is an understatement. I love it.
GaggedOceanid Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2006   General Artist
........ I cannot believe it ....!!!! ....

... amazing photo ...... well done ......!!! ......

... it has an innocent sense but twisted at the same time .....
..... I cannot explain it ........
................ but it surely is very powerful in its simplicity .........

... human hair in art always bring to mind weird thoughts .......

...... maybe you'll find interesting a photo of Helen Chadwick ( [link]=ph015 )
which depicts a lock of blonde hair knotted with an animal's intestine --> [link] .... ( I hope that the link works ... )

( Ioanna )
whitelectrox Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
Very nice concept.. beautifully disturbing..:alphaosiris:
imnoluckyboy Featured By Owner May 11, 2006
oh wow
at first i thought it was a snake before i clicked full view
haha, very nice. i like the hair in the background
chaovsky Featured By Owner May 3, 2006
This might very well be one of the Best Photographs I've Seen In My Fucking Life. The idea is simple (and simply perfect!), technically it's stunning, but the most important thing is that it's very, VERY inspiring! I'd like to do something similar to this, but in my own style. I will credit you if that ever happens for blowing my mind! :D
SgtCheeseFondue Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
that's not bizarre in the least. hehe. love the coloring.
postage-due Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006
I love it.
It's so strange.
It's what our world needs.
cosmic-dust-bunny Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2006
I LOVE this. LOVE.
Great work...
KHT (off to check out the rest of your stuff!)
OjosRojos Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
ayyy yuck!!

contratulations. successfully thought and done.
Ouylle Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006
As great as it's frightening !
driedfruit Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006
thats amazing!
pulpee Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006   Interface Designer
i'm a big fan of your artwork.
ardentfem Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006  Professional General Artist
wow, we both had a DD on the same day....what are the odds?

Congrats on another one -- I love this series.
visceral Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2006   Photographer
congrats to you too =)
Mejenta Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006   Photographer
This piece is...... im speechless its amazing!!!!!
Mejenta Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006   Photographer
This piece is...... im speechless its amazing!!!!!
leserpentquidanse Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006
as all ur galleyr images. u have a particular way to create vision and skill ability professional mood.. .. together those things make each ur image so deep that leave a sign in mind...
psycho-sexy Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006   Writer
Some may like the difference in focus, but I think it throws the image off a little. It's still a lovely photograph and a very interesting concept!
neptunalnoc Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats so cool

and scary
monkeybug Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
Very eerie looking, but so beautiful, too. I love the huge difference in focus, as well as the wonderful tones.
er0k Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
it's nice to see something that actually feels like 'art' here.. very, very nicely done :)

iheartnapoleon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
It's so delicate, yet so disturbing. It looks like a snake. Beautiful shot.
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